We always choose     
                     Quality over quantity

A few words about us

        We are an young and enthusiastic team which started the company in 2009 and build new ways and methodologies of measuring indicators in retail. The honesty and the dedication of work defines our services.
        Quality of information and insightful analysis through the eyes of the costumer. Every retailer organizes a Plano gram of their suppliers in store. The arrangement of the products results in increase of sales for few suppliers and an average sale for certain suppler. These results is due to the dynamicity of the purchaser.Various major factors play an important role for the dynamicity of his personal choice of the product. Iway Retail Services monitories all these factors in real time.
Price factor
Placement factor
Brand awareness factor in store
Stock factor on self
Special placement factor
Promotions, Leaflets
Quality factor
        We are Market Analysis Experts.We don't just deliver top quality data, we interpret it, combining an insider's market expertise with the objectivity of an outsider to give you the best possible insight into your competitor's strategies and tactics.
Company profile
Specialized in FMCG Market Sectors
Competitive Analysis country wide IKA, TT and Cash & Carry
Provide accurate Market Shares for any specific FMCG Sector
What are the benefits?
Help in increase your market share. Where should I focus my attention to maximize impact?
Who is really taking my shelf share?
What is my best product range?
Which product within my portfolio should I push? In which type of stores?
How can I have an overall image of my distribution force?
Was my promotion proper implemented?
What is the effect of my price change?
Which are the competition's indicators?
Field force
1 National Field Manager
6 Regional Managers
20 Area Managers
200 Field Agents
Real time access to data transmitted from the store/ customized reports/charts.
Accessing forms and data filling in from PDAs.
No hardware investment is required - only an internet access.
The application is developed on web and does not require installation and other software or hardware configuration.
Confidentiality, guaranteed security of data and private account for each user.