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                 Retail Audit Tracking & Retail Market Execution

Retail Audit Tracking

       Iway Retail Services, Real Time Retail Audit Tracking Services, provides unparalleled information on product at the point of sale, with the most extensive network of retail market across all of the industries we track. Today we cover over 6000 retailers weekly over 42 major cities, second wave cities and 3rd wave cities representing more than 100,000 stores in Romania.
Department Stores
Specialty Retailers
Mass Merchants
National Chains
        Armed with key measures including market share, pricing, and sell-through at the item level, decision makers across a broad array of functions can use Iway Media national-level retail sales tracking to address critical business issues such as:
Market sizing
Opportunity gap analysis
Pricing analysis
Assortment planning
Emerging category performance
Marketing strategy
Benchmarking and scorecarding vs. the remaining market or channel
        Iway also offers Store Level Information - tracking capabilities that deliver even deeper insight on what's happening in specific markets. Store Level information equips companies to benchmark performance at a more discrete level, vary assortment and execution, measure advertising effectiveness, improve category management, and identify strengths/weaknesses by market.
Retail Tracking Industries & Categories
Consumer Technology
        Discover the difference our Retail Tracking Services can make to your bottom line. Contact us to learn more about our products and services. Complete the simple information form, email us, or call us for immediate information.

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